Look for all the joy in life and it will find you. Be happy and make your soul sing. Share it. It is priceless.


I am 57 years old. I am very grateful for the many blessings I have been given in my life. I have been blessed with 3 beautiful children and to date, six gorgeous grandchildren.  My life hasn’t always been easy. But along my journey in life I have had the right people come into my life at the right time. I am very blessed in having many loving family members as well as an abundance of friends that are all heart and soul mates. I am glad that I have had some sadness throughout my childhood as it has given me so much appreciation in finding and searching for true happiness in my adult life. In my life I have always had an appreciation for God. I also have been very open-minded toward a positive and spiritual way of living. I have a very strong love for nature, people and animals. I am happy with who I am and have so much gratitude for the blessings of all my children, grandchildren, family, friends and animals that are in my life.
They have also been my greatest teachers.   They have all been a very precious gift as a big part of my journey.  I would like to give appreciation to my God; Jesus, angels, guides, nature spirits, devas, spiritual realm connection, my friends, family and animals, that have helped and supported me with different ideas which has made these happiness oracle cards successful, in sharing love, light and happiness with all of you.
 Thank you.